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Younique Mascara Reviews ! Unbiased review and Guide

Younique Mascara Reviews

There are millions of eye products such as eyeliners, mascara and gels but there are some special ones that can uplift your confidence in your own self. A make product should be comfortable to apply and remove because nobody wants to spend three hours in cleansing the skin and eyes due to lack of time.

Reading reviews about makeup products can help you make a wise decision and help you decide whether or not you should spend money or not. Usually, the products are very costly so you must be wise in spending because it’s not easy to earn money these days.

There are very nice mascara brands that are offering organic mascara for eyes but somewhere they don’t prove to be worthwhile at all because the eye lashes get clumps that disrupt the finish of makeup. The mascara may add to beauty of natural eye lashes if it is not sticky and naturally black. You must not settle down anything less than a quality mascara product so here is one brand you can rely and it is known as Younique 3D mascara.

Just in case you have been looking for unbiased 3D fiber mascara reviews here is my insight which is based on personal experience.

Pros of 3D Younique Mascara

  1. The mascara feels so natural when it is applied correctly. You will not need to worry about buying and wearing faux eyelashes ever again once you get your hands on two tubes of mascara.
  2. If you read many Younique 3D fiber mascara reviews you will notice that the product is very different from other mascara tubes you find on the market. It is applied in three steps.
  3. This mascara has two tubes; the transplanting gel and the fiber mascara. The fuzzy fibers stick very well onto the coat of gels. First you apply the transplanting gel onto the lashes and then apply the coat of fibers with the mascara wand and then seal the coat with the gel again.
  4. The mascara is useful for regular use, it does not affect the length or volume of natural eye lashes.
  5. The fibers give volume to the natural lashes very beautifully that your eyes don’t look artificial at all.

Cons of 3D mascara Younique

  1. The mascara is bit expensive as compared to its counterparts it’s because there are two tubes in the pack.
  2. The fiber may get sticky and clumpy if you overdo the application. So never try to apply more than two coats of fibers.
  3. The application of the product is different, you need to read the instructions and follow the steps.
  4. The mascara may be clumpy on lashes if you apply a big amount of gel.

Note: There are many other fiber mascara reviews for you to go through online, every individual has their own opinion so if anyone is just preaching about the good features of the product they may be lying because there are always drawbacks with the advantages when it comes to makeup items.

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