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Wear Wedge Footwear with Casual Dressing

Wear Wedge Footwear

A pair of nice wedge footwear can be perfect for modern women. Once you break into your shoes, you are ready to walk, run and wag as you will feel comfortable as well as cozy. Besides getting height easily, you will be able to keep your balance on toes. Trust me those women who wear wedges have never complaint falling or slipping on the ground since the heels of the shoes allow for comfortable walking.

There is a long history behind the invention of Wedge footwear, the design was brought into market by a man named Salvatore Ferragamo, so we must thank him for creating such an outclass design of shoes that almost everyone can wear with the formal and casual dressing.

Designs of Wedges in the market

Most designs of wedges are made of leather, vinyl and rubber. When the heel is made of wood, make sure the sole is made of rubber or leather. The vinyl shoes is somewhat comfortable though it can cause blisters on your toes or feet so be careful when you opt for a design of wedge. Don’t go for an article that has vinyl used all over on the strips and on the sole.

The most comfortable design of wedges in the market is suede as it looks classy and wonderful. You can team up the suede wedges with almost all types of dresses. Many women pair the suede shoes with jeans and short skirts to look taller than the height.

Advantages of wearing wedge shoes

Advantages of wearing wedge shoes

There are tens and thousands of advantages of wearing wedge shoes on regular or business days such as;

  1. You feel comfortable. You don’t have to worry about tying the straps or adjusting your feet when you wear wedges. Just walk in your wedges and step out easily without wasting time.
  2. You get height easily. The heel provides your body a balance besides giving you a tall appearance. You needn’t wear pencil heels that can slip on roads, causing a serious accident.
  3. The availability of different colors, shapes and designs in wedges is another good point for fashionable women. Just in case you want to buy shoes in purple suede material with wooden heel you will definitely find it from the market.
  4. Another noticeable advantage of wedge shoes is that you look classy. You get maximum control of your body. If you have chosen to wear a top with jeans shorts you can team the dressing with a nice pair of wedge so that to uplift your confidence in your own. You won’t stumble, fall or slip at all.
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