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Trendy top clothing

Today’s woman wants to look different beautiful and trendy with the updated styles. Looking smart and fashionable with protection of body in weather fluctuation is a logical and modest fashion. As the season of spring is going on and summer season is near to come so with this change lots of majestic  happening also taking place in fashion. Lots of varieties of clothing are in with vast variety of styles. But we know that fashion is nothing but the comfort zone. Therefore the first priority to select fashionable dresses is your comfort, any kind of clothing that makes you uncomfortable are not good to select. Best collection for summers that is absolutely a trendy part of this summer is the top- clothing that is a complete sphere to provide you comfort, relaxation and cool impact.



Top, it is a type of clothing that’s high line covers the upper body from neck line to the waistline at lower line. Tops are as long as up to the thighs or as short as up to waistline. Nowadays tops are paired with trousers, jeans and pants, whereas short tops seems more trendy and exclusive with palazzo that is quite in. basically tops are divided in three classes like t-shirts, blouses and shirts but despite of this fashion has its own multiple classes that are more exclusive, snappy and super cool. These tops may have full or short sleeves or may have shoulder straps. Most upcoming varieties of tops are tank tops, tube tops, poncho and Kurtis etc.


Tank top is a type of a sleeveless shirt that has shoulder spaghetti straps. Another type is poncho that is tremendously in nowadays, main reason behind the popularity of poncho is its fabric like chiffon which is a flowing fabric and it gives a romantic glimpse look.


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