By December 24, 2013

Tips To Apply Nail Paint Perfectly

There are various ways to apply nail paint. Some of the tips to apply nail paint perfectly are as follows:

Apply Base Coat: Base coat is applied first to prevent the original color and shine of the nails. It protects the nail to become whitish or blackish in color.


Apply The Paint Color: After applying base coat, apply the color you desire in a manner that first apply it on the center of the nail, then rounding the brush on one side and then rounding on the other side. You may apply two to three coats as needed. If the paint goes on the edges of your nail you can use nail paint remover on a cotton bud to remove it.


Wait for it until it dries: After applying the nail paint on your nails you have to wait for a while to completely dry it.

Apply another coat: When the nails are dried completely you have to apply another/second coat of the nail paint and let it dry again. Apply two or three coats in the similar manner.

Apply Top Coat: Now you have to apply the top coat to give a shine to the nails and to make your nail paint look more clear and shiny. Top coat is used to seal the nail paint properly on your nails. It is applied first on the whole nail and then on the edge of the nail.


After completing these steps you can gently rub your hands in hot soapy water to remove the extra paint from sides of your nails and then to dry the hands and enjoy your nail paint.


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