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Tips To Apply Eyeliner according to Eye shape


Applying of eyeliner depends on the shape of one’s eye. Tips to apply eye liner for some of the common eye shapes are as follows:

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Almond Shaped Eyes: As the name indicates, these eyes are shaped just like an almond. This is considered to be the ideal eye shape. As this is the ideal eye shape, everything suits on it. There is no special tip to apply eye liner for this eye shape. You can apply allround shape that leaves the eye open, you can only paint top lid, you can apply on both sides of the eye etc.

Wide set eyes: Wide set eyes are those in which the distance between the inside corners of the eyes are wider. Here you have to consider the focus on the center of the eye to minimize this width. Draw a line with the liner from outside your upper and lower lash so that it can cross over the center. Repeat the same process with your inner edge.

Protruding Eyes: Protruding eyes are those which are slightly bulging outside. On such eye you have to apply the liner which makes the eyes less prominent and less bulgy.

Oval Eyes: These eyes are shaped like ovals. For this eye shape you have to apply the liner starting with your outer edge of the lash towrads the inner edge. This line should be a little wider and thicker. If you have larger oval eyes then you ay apply this liner to the lower lid also.

Deep set eyes: Such eyes look a bit back inside the eye socket than most eyes. Such people can apply liner on the upper lash line first make it lighter and then darker but only on the outer edge of the eyes.

Video Tutorial

Some of the tips can also be followed by these pictures below.


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