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Summer Lawn Shirts – Firdous Collection 2014

It’s the time of summer to start in the region. Everyone is waiting for the new arrivals of the dress collection. Every citizen is ready to welcome the summer season with open arms. A lot of gifts are being brought by the summer season along with it which includes seasonal fruits such as mangoes, ice creams and obviously, the best of all – The Summer Lawn Collection. The new summer arrivals are about to arrive with some exceptionally unique and beautiful dress designs following the shoes brands. Its in the blood of Pakistanis to welcome all the people and events.


Firdous collection has provided us with one of the best gift that is the Summer lawn Shirts by Firdous. The Firdous mills are considered to be the leading textile manufacturers. These are many fabrics offered by the firdous textile mills which include loose fabric, Home textile, Appeal, Men and Women Footwear, Handbags and many of the fashion accessories too. They hold a high experience in manufacturing all these as they are the oldest and experienced of all. Their designs are leading the fashion industry too. They started their mill in 1970 with a promise to provide their customers the best fabric quality, unique style and varieties which are cost effective. This year, they are back with a bang of the summer shirt collection 2014 for women. The collection is based on the shirts however, they include three piece shirt too. The best about them are the tempting and eye catching prints. The shirt collection by Firdous are based on the shirts only. These shirts are embroidery from the front, sleeves and some from the back too. The embroideries are of different designs which are unique on their part. Floral patterns in the thread work is in fashion today as these firdous collections have made the best use of these patterns thus signifying simplicity and elegance in the shirt pieces.


The shirts comprise of different designs such as straight, A-line shirts, Kurtis or round bottom shirts. They are presented best with tights, palazzos, flappers and stylish dupattas of shaffon fabric. These collections are designed keeping the stylish and prestigious customers in mind.

Firdous Summer Collection-2014

The great of all are the colours used as the summer collection are mixed with spring shades this year. The colour contrasts are the best chosen for the embroidery patches and the shirt prints. These designs have gained popularity in the west too after east. the light and dark shades are best used by the firdous designer. The styles are the most eye catching ones. This summer collection shocked the ramp after it arrived in the fashion shows.


These designs are in the market for the users from March 15, 2014. The best are available through the company’s own outlet. They are available now at all the stores for the customers nationwide.

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