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Scarves for men and women… Winter Collection 2013


Scarf is also known by its different names as Muffler or Neck wrap. Same like the other wraps these are also worn in winter to provide warmth or for fashion and sometimes also for religious reasons. They can be wrapped around the neck area or can be completely covering the head (esp. if used for religious purpose). In latest winter collection 2013, like other wraps scarves are also taking an important place in fashion industry. These are made with a variety of fabrics and in a variety of colors and designs. These are used as knitted/woolen scarf, as thin headscarf or bandanna, stole etc. Mostly in winter as the weather is cold, Knitted scarves are used to protect from the cold. These are tied around the neck to keep warm. If these are used only for fashion i.e., in summer then their fabrics may differ as they can be made with Georgette, Linen, Cotton, Crochet etc.


Scarves are not only worn by women but in winter it is also worn by men to provide warmth. Men scarves are different from women scarves in colors and styles. Men usuallly wrap it in the style of tie around the neck or sometimes for fashion, in different styles.



Some Asian women use these scarves for religious purposes to cover their heads or even for hijaab. These scarves are mostly made of simple fabrics like cotton or cashmere. In Islamic view, scarf plays a very important role for women. Bandanna scarves are those which fully cover the head and are tied on the head completely and tightly.This is the least common way of wearing scarf in South Asia.


It has been seen in bollywood and lollywood film indutries that celebrities also wear scarves with different styles in movies as can be seen in the pic below. The young talented bollywood actor Kartik Tiwari in his movie Akaash vaani.



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