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Party Wear Jewellery Following Some Major Brands

Parties are part of our culture . and in these functions everyone want to look super gorgeous. Jewellery is an ornament that completes the look of every women. Women love to wear jewellery. Besides that, in Asian culture women are very much into jewellery kind of stuff. They wear not only parties but also in homes.

A big part of party jewellery depends on what kind of party a person is attending. A number of people have introduced their own party wear jewellery brand so that the women in Pakistan can easily select their type of jewellery from these stores. Some of these jewellery brands are Athar Shehzad, Maliha Sheikh, Bushra Aftab, Faraz Manan etc.

Athar Shehzad

Athar Shehzad is not leading only in jewellery  but also in makeup, perfumes and photography.  Athar Shehzad recently introduced his party wear jewellery 2014. This new jewellery designs consists of very unique colors and kundan. This new collection of Athar Shehzad’s  jewellery is totally perfect for fashion seeking women. Myriad of designs are there in this collection of jewellery. So that it may help you choose you type and your style of jewellery set.

Maliha Sheikh

Maliha Sheikh jewellery is newly established party wear jewellery brand house of Pakistan. So far Maliha Sheikh’s  jewellery has gained a special place in the market within no time because of her impressive jewellery that always leaves every woman’s jaw dropping. Maliha Sheikh’s jewellery usually showcases  her collection with the availability of earrings, bangles, necklace and sets that are mostly plated with gold. The earrings, necklace and bangles are full of different variety. Women demands Maliha Sheikh’s jewellery because it is very simple yet very elegant.

Bushra Aftab

Bushra Aftab, another famous name in fine diamonds and kundan polki jewellery. Bushra Aftab jewellery is basically for women. Heavy and light diamond sets for formal parties and kundan jewellery for wedding type functions. In parties women mostly dresses themselves in light mode just to avoid gauche look. Bushra Aftab’s diamond sets  are perfect for party like functions because they are unique and goes well with every kind of dress.

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