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Collection Of Gold,Diamond And Stones

The collection of jewellery keep enhancing its designs every minute. Many designers of jewellery and gold smith all around the world. The usage of jewellery is more among the ladies of the eastern region. Women in the west adore jewellery too but aren’t much concerned about what’s in and what’s not. The taste of the eastern women is far more rich when it comes to jewellery as compared to the western side. The reason for this is the trend which has been a mark of identification of both the regions since years. Jewellery has always remained a necessary accessory for the women of the east especially the Asian women. The trend of jewellery has lasted more in the sub continent with in the Asian region. The eyes of Asian women are said to be the mark of recognition for the jewellery items. It is believed that they can recognize if the jewellery is made up of pure material or some artificiality is added to it. Their eyes are so more powerful just because of the excessive use of jewellery in their culture and their understanding of latest design.

The most famous jewellery item which are adored among the women here are those made up of diamonds. Diamonds are the most precious and rarely found stones in the world. They are very unique therefore very expensive. Women like to wear diamond rings, nose pins, necklace etc. They don’t shine much but still they are the best in quality. Diamonds are mostly gifted by husbands to their wives on their wedding anniversaries as they are precious, expensive and rarely found. The best of all is that they are liked by each and every women in the world. But only some of them can afford the expense.

The second most precious material famous among the ladies is gold. Gold jewellery are available at the market place easily however they are expensive too. Still the prices cannot compete the price of diamond. Many women like to wear gold jewellery. They are gifted the jewellery item made up of gold on their weddings by their relatives. Gold is the most popular choice to be gifted when it comes to the wedding ceremonies and parties. The eastern brides are covered with gold jewellery item on their wedding ceremonies. Moreover the gold jewellery is used regularly by the eastern women.

Stones are believed to bring fortune in our part of the world. Many men and women wear rings having a stone in them. It is believed that each stone has a different quality. Emerald, Ruby, Topaz, Sapphire are some of the famous stones popular in Pakistan. However, the stone collection is the most unique and simplest of all. They look very elegant once worn.

These jewellery collections are common yet famous in our religion.

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