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Party Hairstyles – The Semi-Permanent Ones

Hair style is the necessary accessory along with all the attire and makeup when it comes to events such as parties, feast and festivals. Every girl and women wants to look perfectly dressed and carry every minute necessity to perfection. There is always a state of competition going on among the girls about being the best in looks.  Usually they are more concerned about their dresses and jewelry considering hair style as the secondary details. However, the entire attire and look can turn out to be a complete disaster  if the hair style does not suite your facial features. Therefore, they should not be  kept on a secondary note and should be tried before the dress even.

It isn’t necessary that every hair style suits each and every girl and woman. Hair style usually depends on the face cuts and features. Different hair styles are popular among different ladies mainly compartmentalized on the basis of facial features, age and hair style. Hair type usually refers to the silky, freeze and curly hair type. There are two types of hair styles popular these days. The temporary hair styles and semi- permanent hair styles. The temporary hair styles are worn mostly a couple of hours before the party and they can be untied after being back at home whereas semi permanent hair style are worn any time you want but they cannot be washed away. An example of semi- permanent hair style is rebounding. Rebounding refers to the excessive straightening of hair. This straightening cannot be washed out like simple straightening done through simple straightners. Rebounding can be worn up to three to four months. The process behind this is that the hair rebounded will remain straight throughout however, the newly grown hair will have the texture which existed before rebounding. The hair look perfect after rebounding. A new shine is added to the hair. Moreover, the length of your hair is increased too when they are rebounded.

Another type of semi permanent hairstyle is known as perming. Perming refers to the curling of hair. This is the hair style mostly adored among the ladies. Mostly, women having straight hair love to curl their hair. Perming best suits them. It cannot be washed away in a single attempt. It takes 3-4 months to get rid of premed hair. This gives you a new and elegant look which can last long.

These hair styles are best suited on parties and small functions such as engagements and religious festivals. Girls are keen about these semi permanent hair styles in the Pakistani society. They give you an elegant and charming look which may help you look perfect. They are expensive indeed very attractive.

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