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Nail art the colors around you


Nail art has become a popular trend in South Asian fashion. As the time is passing Asian youth is becoming more fond of colors and colorful things.

In the present times simple and plain paints have changed into colorful and more creative nail arts. It includes so many things in one hobby. Contrasting different colours on nails, making different kinds of printed designs, these designs may include flowers, textures, shapes, pictures, cartoons, animals, fruits or even faces.

Rainbow nail art is one of the finest and beautiful art. It can be done by using different colors on nails together.


Water marble art is another interesting and good looking part of nail art. It looks awesome and makes a variety of beautiful designs.


Mixing two or more colors together in water and making marble art is a very innovative task and it has given a new look to nail designers.

Now a days many different equipments and nail art kits are available which make it more easier and interesting for the one who loves to do it.


These kits contain stamps, image plates, rivits, beads, pearls, sponge, nail paints, stamper, rhinestones, dotting tools,base coat, top coat, stickers and stencils.


French manicure is another elegant and beautiful art which is adapted by most of the celebrites of Asia and other world.

nail-art5 nail-art6

Other nail art techniques being adapted in Asia include tooth pick technique, straw technique, and tap technique. These are the types in which we can use our household items for nail art designs.

Ombre nail art is another technique used these days for designing one’s nails.


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