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Nail Art Designs Step by Step For Beginners

Nail Art has gained extreme popularity in every part of the world. This fashion emerged from the west and now it is equally popular in the eastern region. Ladies love to wear different kind of nail art on their hands and feet. This gives their hands an awesome look. Long before, there was no such fashion known as nail art. Girls and women use to wear simple nail paints or the use of henna was made on the nails and hands of the feet in the eastern region. But with the passage of time, nail art has emerged as the leading art for nails.

You don’t need any thing for this as you can go to the beauty parlour for this purpose. But this will take a lot of time and secondly it is very expensive too. Therefore, you can do this on your hands on your own. This will save your time as you can do it in your spare time and secondly it won’t cost you a lot too. Only a few things are required and then you can start with your own work making your nails more stylish and trendy.

These few steps can be more helpful on doing the nail art on your own:

The Light base:

Start you art by coat a light base on your nails. Use the nail paints which are light in colours such as baby pink or white can suit your nails the best. A lighter base is always a good option for any kind of nail art.

The Dotter:

The dotter is a tool which is required for a perfect nail art. Use a dotter and bad it in the nail paint of some other colour, may be a dark one can be more good such as black or blue. Draw floral patterns with the help of the dotter on the light base.

The Other Colour:

Now, you are required to clean the dotter and use the second colour to draw patterns on your nails. This will add colours to your nails and they will look more charming. The addition of two colour will also help in grabbing the attention.

The Match Stick:

Use a match stick to fine and lighten the dotted pattern drawn on your nails. Add some definition to the flowers with the help of a match stick and they will look perfect.


Dry your art and then cover it with the help of a shiner. This will add shine to your nails.

Your nail art is all ready and it will look the best of all. You will also be satisfied as it would be totally your own creation.

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