By April 16, 2014

Mens Shoes – The Era Of Consciousness

A few years back there was a time when men were not so obsessed about their looks, style, fashion and appearance. Every body knows that women spend more time and money on their looks and appearance as compared to men. As women have many pair of shoes to wear, men have just two pair of shoes. One for work and second for weekend parties but a number of things have been changed. Men have started spending on their appearance. They are very conscious about their shoes, clothes, body and skin. They have finally concentrating on their appearance. Men have starting taking care of their good looks and it’s totally ok to spend money  on something as your own self. There is nothing wrong in buying goods you love and keep yourself updated with latest fashion.

Men spend more money on their shoes as they do not have a lot of accessories to carry. Therefore, different types of shoes play important part in establishing a man’s personality.

Oxford shoes of Gucci made up of leather material with plain top are one of the very demanding shoes among them. These shoes can be worn of in formal occasions. They usually have a classical and distinguished feel in them. Oxford shoes are versatile and go great with suits.

Loafers and Moccasins are one of the best and leading foot wear among men. They are usually favorite of all. Loafers and moccasins are slightly different from each other. The difference lies in the soul of the shoes. The loafers have a distinct feel. The cool thing about these shoes is that they are found in a huge variety. It makes a lot easier for their clients to choose. They can be worn of in casual occasions.

Snickers are type of foot wear basically carried on picnics. They are very classical. Men use them at shopping and while going out. Nowadays men are very possessive about their dressing specially about shoes. Therefore, hundreds of designers have introduced their designs of shoes which are available easily at the market place.

Sports shoes are very essential for men. They are very much in the sports because of which they need comfortable shoes for their feet. K-Swiss is a very famous sports shoes brand among men. Their shoes are recognized all around the world.

The only difference in men and boys shoes is the colour. Every thing else is kept the same. Men select sober colour type for them whereas boys love to carry sharp colours. The brands are the same for the two however the choice of men and boys is always kept in mind.

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