By September 25, 2014

Look Gorgeous Even After 40’S

Throw out the extinct beauty norms when it comes to hairstyle at age of 40 and beyond. Just because you are of age 40 or beyond do not mean that you are restricted in choosing your hairstyle. This is a modern world and the beauty norms are different nowadays. You can wear any hairstyle you want for yourself and you can even dye your hair the way you want. But maintaining a hairstyle at this age might get a bit difficult because women of this age and beyond are basically engaged in some different tasks of life. For example if you are a working woman or a house wife and busy with your kids you might need a low maintenance hairstyle that consumes less of your time and provide you with the best look. This means a cut that works with your natural hair texture and one that does not require a lot of hair commodity or hair gadgets to keep it looking as good as possible.

The responsibility of choosing a hair style depends much on your face cut and hair colour that you choose for yourself. It might not seem that important but it really is because all these small things actually complete your look. Myriads of women living in western areas of the world love to play with short hair. They actually love the sequence of bob. This hair style helps them look young and versatile. A long bob cut that falls somewhere in between nape of your neck and your shoulders is best preferred by the women in foreign countries. Before going out in parties they blow dry their hair using a round brush just to add volume to their hair. The bob cut has remained one of the classy haircuts for years precisely because of their sleek and prosperous look.

How to Style Your Bob?

Start with your hair wet.

Apply favorite strong gel and serum to hold back your hair.

Part your hair on one side using a bob comb and brush your bangs downwards.

Gently brush your bangs back.

Now place a bobby pin in a c-shape you have formed.

Repeat the comb 3 to 4 times dry your bangs.

Use a diffuser, to diffuse your hair.

Once the front side is dry, remove the clips.

Apply a hair spray to hold back your hair for long time.

This article help you choose whatever you want for yourself. Don’t emphasize too much on whether the particular hairstyle will suit you or not just go for it. Ignoring these little rules will help you rejuvenate again.

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