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As Asian fashion is moving on, everything is becoming of more value in fashion industry. Just like other items, lenses have also become one of the most used item in fashion industry.

Almost all male and female actresses and models have started using them in their shows as well as daily life.

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Party wear lenses have become an essential item for young girls and boys in Asia as their clothes and shoes are. They are being worn as transparent lenses and also in tricolor or multi colors. They give a different look to the person wearing them.

Most common colors of lenses in fashion 2013 are Grey, Aqua, Blue, Sky Blue, Hazel Green, Purple and Ocean Blue.


Contact Lenses: Some people love to wear glasses but others get irritated by them. Hence as an alternate they like to wear contact lenses. Specially girls are very insecure if it comes to their beauty. So they better consider to wear lenses which don’t let their beauty down but make their eyes more proper and beautiful especially if they use colored lenses.

Now a days men are also becoming beauty conscious, so this trend is becoming more popular in men also.

In current fashion trends lenses have made a remarkable place for Asian brides and grooms in their wedding ceremonies.


Daily wear lenses: As it is mentioned above that some people get irritated by wearing glasses hence lenses are making a place in their daily lives. Now a days daily wear lenses are also available in transparent as well as a large variety of colors. In schools, colleges, universities and offices they are being worn remarkably. They can be used for a specific time period which is much longer than party wear lenses e.g., 12 hours or more.

They are evenly being used in Asian Horror and Scientific Movies.


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