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Latest Trend in Babies and Kids Shoes

Asian kids have a great knowledge of fashion and latest trends. They love to look nice and gorgeous. Now a days kids’ shoes are available in a wide variety of colors, designs and brands. Some kids like to wear shoes of their favorite cartoon characters, some like to have designs of their favorite game characters, others like to wear sports shoes like their favorite sports person etc.

Crochet Baby Shoes: Crochet baby shoes are specially designed for infants. According to their age these shoes are made with soft and beautiful colors and various designs. For baby girls Pink crochet shoes are the shoes of choice and for baby boys blue colors are preferred.


Cartoons designs in baby shoes: Baby shoes are also designed with cartoon characters or such cute faces on them. Mickey mouse, Donald duck, Winnie, Tom and Jerry are the mostly used cartoon characters on shoes.


Animal designs Crochet baby shoes: Some baby shoes are designed with crochet material and are having animal designs on them. Like frog, Panda etc. These are also made for small kids.



Sandals for Kids: As crochet material is used in making a variety of baby shoes, similarly this is also used to make baby sandals in summer season.


Sneakers for Kids: In latest fashion trend 2013 various colors in sneakers are available for kids. These are the shoes which are easy to wear and are comfortable for casual use. Their different color and print range makes them more attractive towards kids. They are available for kids from 3 years to older and for both boys and girls.


Glittery Shoes for Girls: Small girls are very fond of wearing glittery things whether they are accessories or clothes or shoes. They prefer to wear these shoes with the same colors of their dress or mostly pink.

roberto cavalli baby pink glitter shoes

Disney Princess shoes for Girls: As small girls love to wear glittery shoes similarly they love some other designs like Disney Princesses and Hello Kitty. Keeping their choice in mind these shoes are being made specially for small girls of age around 3-6 years or more.


Movie Characters In Kids Shoes: As young girls like Hello Kitty and Disney Princess shoes similarly small boys like to wear shoes with cars or spider man etc.




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