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Latest Hair Styles For Girls “ How To Enjoy A Perfect Look

Hair styling is considered to be a part of personal grooming and fashion. The hair styles mostly depend on the cultural and traditional values of the country. Most of the girls love to decorate their hair with different and creative hair styles as they are very trendy and fashion loving. The hair styles which are in fashion nowadays are messy bun, simple bun, french twist, french braid, beehive and fish tail. The hair styles popular among girls are almost for the girls living either in East or West.

The bun hair style is perfect for the occasion like prom parties, weddings and receptions. It is also very suitable for business meetings. It gives a woman formal and candid look.

Here is an easy way to make a bun:

At first, brush your hair, make sure there are no waves and tangles. Apply scrum or mousse on your hair to give them a freeze look as it is required in the bun. Now tease your hair down to create some mass. Brush your hair now. Take a part of your hair and gently pin up near your forehead. Now overlap the remaining hair one over another in a round shape. Comb back your hair from the front for the finishing. Spurt out some hair spray if required.

Now coming up to another very classy hair style, the French twist. This hair style is in fashion since 2012. It is a different hair style. This hair style is popular mostly in Western countries. Now take a brief look how you can do an easy french twist. Take all of your hair at one side and pin them carefully so that they cannot get emerged. Now tie your hair upwards carefully. Then bend the reaming hair downward. Pin them all together and your messy bun is already.

A french tail is a very complicated looking hairstyle to make it more easily. Let’s start with taking a part of your hair from the top off. Divide this section in three strands crossing right over middle and left over middle, as the same you do in simple braid. Take all your strands in your left hand and keep them separated. Now with your right hand take a section from right side of your head and add it to right strand. Bring the strand you just added to the middle strand to the right. Now switch all your strands to the right hand so that your left hand would be free. Now gather a section from the left side of your head to the left strand. Repeat the above step again until no hair are left to be added. Finish your french braid to a simple braid and enjoy this elegant hair style.

These were some of the unique and quick to make easy hair styles which can help you look perfect and enjoy any event or festival.

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