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Latest Asian Bridal Jewelry Trend 2013

Asian fashion is full of colors and designs. It highlights latest trends and prefer to adapt new and different styles. Asian brides are fully decorated with jewelry yet they look decent and glamarous. Now a days Asian trend about bridal jewelry is containing a lot of variety in it from soft colors and light jewelry to darker colors and heavy jewelry, hence all types of jewelry is in fashion.


Most of the Asian families like their brides to look different and hence they prefer them to wear heavy bridal jewelry sets. These sets now a days are made with variable designs and materials like sets made by Kundan are being popular inside fashion industry these days. They seem to be heavy but yet look elegant and decent. Sometimes they are made with white Kundan and sometimes with colored depending on the clothes. Kundan Necklaces, Kundan rings, Kundan earrings and Kundan Jhoomar everything looks simply great for a bride.

Stones are another popular material used to make bridal jewelry. Stones in a variety of designs and shapes can be used in bridal jewelry sets. Most of the brides wear Red color in their wedding so Red stones are simply used for their jewelry sets and same is the case with other colors. In Valima functions these days Green color is in trend so Green stones with a contrast of red or golden are being used in the jewelry sets. They make jewelry look more glamorous and attractive.



In latest trend 2013 bridal jewelry, Front Jhoomar or Matha patti is becoming an essential part in the bridal jewelry sets. Wearing this jhoomar a bride looks more decorated and beautiful. Jewelry selection also depends on function e.g., in Engagement functions light jewelry is preferred.

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