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How to Make a Beautiful Nape Braid Step by Step Tutorial

How to Make a Beautiful Nape Braid

Braided hairstyles have been trend like forever and they always will be. The only change you might possible see in near future is change of braiding patterns since there are many hairstyling experts who use their creative skills to weave new braid patterns. In the beginning, the only discovery was English braid because it was simple to do. Only three loops of hair strands would be used to make one braid with ease. Now there are some nice variations of the same braid which can turn your hair into chignons for parties. To make complex chignons, you might still need to learn some stuff like how to roll the braided hair. This would take a lot of practice to do it.

We all know how to make a simple English braid. You need only three hair loops to work for the braid and you don’t need to follow any complex tutorial at all. However, some terrific variation of braid exists that you must try your hands on. It is very simple; you will love to make it for parties. A little addition of hair accent can make it more beautiful.

Things Needed for beautiful nape braid

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  • Paddle brush to clear the tinges
  • Nice hair serum to smoothen the hair
  • Bobby pins to secure braid chignons
  • Ponytail to seal the braid

Tutorials on how to make beautiful nape braid

  1. Brushing must be the first step. The best way to brush your hair for braid hairstyle is by pulling the ends out and clearing the tingles. The hair with tingles may tie neatly in braid. You will have to make your fingers work through the weaving process, which sometimes can be a time consuming thing to do. So always use paddle brush or a comb with nice bristle to take the tingles out of hair.
  2. Now divide your hair in three sections and start making an English braid on each.
  3. You can take your start from any section. Every section will be divided into three loops for braiding like shown in the image.
  4. Once you are done with three braids, you need to fold all. Fold the right one first using bobby pins as shown in the tutorial, then middle or last right at the nape.
  5. Some women don’t like a tight nape braid as it pulls the hair from the temple, if you feel the same way you can lose the braid a bit but don’t make it messy.
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