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How To Do Smokey Eye Makeup

There are different kinds of eye makeup styles prevailing in the market places today. Many beauticians have worked over it since long time. The most popular among those make ups is the smoky eye makeup which is in fashion these days. Smoky eye makeup looks extremely stunning on women but most of them do not know how to do it.

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This articles discusses some of the easy steps for our readers so that they can apply the makeup and grab attention of others.

How to do dark smoky eye makeup video tutorial

How To Do Dark Smoky Eye Makeup by VideojugBeautyandStyle
Step 1: choose your colour, the best shades for smoky eye makeup are black brown and lavender. For brave look, navy blue colour is the best choice.


Step 2: Prepare your lid by applying a layer of foundation. You can also use a concealer or a primer. This helps your makeup to look greasy and stay longer. Apply a base coat of shimmer if you want.


Step 3: Use your liner to cover the line of your eye lash. Draw a thick line of liner from the end of your eye line.


Step 4: Now take a dark purple colour and start brushing it in the middle of your eye, covering your eye liner. After that, apply a light colour shimmer on that.


Step 5: Apply your basic eye colour from the base to the edge of your eye. Try to take black colour as it will look good.


Step 6: Apply a nude colour shade to your brow bone. This will highlight your features and will also complement your eyes.


Step 7: With a blending brush, blend up the eye makeup of your eye to avoid the thick line coats.


Step 8: Apply a thin fifties type liner on your eyes. Try to take same colour of your liner as of your eye shadow. The liner will provide definition to your eyes. After that, take a white or silver pencil and apply it on your tear duck. This will highlight the eye makeup of your eyes and will make your eyes look wider, sharper and fresher.


Step 9: Curl your eye lashes by holding the clamp for about five seconds.


Step 10: Finish your smoky eye make up by applying mascara on your curly eye lashes.


The smoky make up is ready for you. You may also add and subtract different shades in the makeup according to your choice. You may also increase and decrease the density of all the above layers mentioned, according to your taste.


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