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How to do simple and easy nail art

Fashion in this modern world, is a part of our life style. The life is said to be incomplete without fashion. Men, women, boys, girls and even children are all included in this competition of fashion. They love to wear different kind of fashions in their clothes, jewelleries, make ups and many other. Women are at the top position in this race. They spend a lot of time and money on these fashion accessories in order to keep themselves updated and maintain their status. All the fashion has always remained popular among ladies living anywhere in the world.

Nail art is also one of such fashions which is popular among the ladies of today’s world. They wear different kinds of nail art on their hands which is a mark of perfection and beauty for their hands. Many go to the beauty parlour for this purpose whereas many are self expert in this on their own.

The article discusses few step on how to do simple and easy nail art by just following certain steps. The steps are mentioned for our readers and their convenience.

The Tools You Need:

There are no such professional tools required for these nail art. You can do it easily at your homes as they are easy and simple.

  • A nail colour for the base.
  • A shiner for the top.
  • Another colour for the designing.
  • A match stick for the dotting purpose.

Step 1:

Clean your nails and get them ready for the nail art. File them properly so that no edges are left behind. Use a nail cutter to maintain their length and style.

Step 2:

Secondly, you can choose any nail art designs as per your desire or you may even create your own designs from your mind. Both of them will be perfect once you start drawing them on your hands.

Step 3:

Apply the base coat of a lighter color or with the color you like. The lighter shades should be preferred as the will look cool.

Step 4:

Use a second colour nail paints and draw diagonals on your nails with the help of the other nail paint brush. Then add dots on the diagonals with a white or black nail polish. This will look the best. You can even draw patters such as flowers or any other which is there in your mind.

Step 5:

Let the nail art dry and the cover it with a shiner to add shine to the created design.

Simple and easy nail art is ready for you on your hands. You can also add different designs and things such as glitter and sequins according to your choice.

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