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How to do creative nail designs

Nails art can sometimes seem very complicated. But it’s actually not. When you start reading a nail art tutorial or watch it step by step, you then realize how simple and interesting it is.

Nail art is seriously a real fun. It looks perplexing but it is very simple and creative. In this article we are guiding you with some of the very simple and lovely nail designs. So if you want to have a pretty nail look follow these steps carefully.

Ninja turtle nail design:

Start your nail tutorial with dark green base coat. Paint a navy blue stripe horizontally. Add some white or silver dots on the blue stripe. With the help of the tooth pick put black dots on the white part and finish it off.

Tuxedo nail design:

This nail art design is inspired by a celebrity Zooey Deschanel. Clean up your nails and then coat a white colour nail lacquer initially. Draw two fat across the base of your nail with black color. Now the colour the empty part of V with same colour and join them with a dot. Cover your nail top with thin black tip and finish it with a shiner.

Pakistani Flag Nails:

This nail paint and nail design is one of the best. It helps you feel patriotic and enthusiastic. It is mostly applied on the national days such as on the independence day, defense day or Pakistan day. Start your nail design with a white base coat. Then leave a horizontal strip from the bottom of your nail and paint the entire nail green. Dip the bobby pin in white nail paint and draw a big C in the middle of the green part. End up drawing a star in the stomach of C.

Polka dots Nail Paints:

Polka dots nail art looks extremely pretty and stylish on the hands of the girls. Let your nail design start with a sharp and bright yellow nail colour. Make big and small circles with a circling tool or bobby pin with different colours. Let it dry now and add some small dots in the large ones in the empty part. Finish this cute nail paint and design with a top smoothing coat.

Red white lines nails designs:

This nail tutorial is really simple. Cut a crap paper in straight direction. Now coat your nails with white nail colour. Place the cut strip horizontally leaving a small space in between one another before drying. Let it dry now. Coat red nail color on the nails and remove the paper strips from the nails. The pattern is visible now. Coat shiner on your nails and enjoy.

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