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How To Apply Zebra Nail Art with Polka dots

Apply Base Coat: Before applying any nail paint or nail art on your nails, you have to apply the base coat to give your nails a perfect shine. It also protects the nail to become whitish or blackish in color.

Apply The Nail Paint: After applying and drying the base coat apply the desired paint as it maybe white, black or light pink depending on your design. Let it dry for few seconds.


Apply Polka dots: After drying your nails, take your desired color of Nail polish and with the help of dotting tool make dots on your chosen nails with a certain gap. Let it dry for a few seconds.



Make Zebra Print: Take a desired nail art brush (thin) to make zebra print on your nails. Dip it into the paint and make lines on your nails with a certain distance.



These lines can be drawn vertically, horizontally or in zig zag whatever you like.

Apply Top Coat: After drying your zebra printed nails apply the top coat and let it dry. You can apply more than one time a top coat it sticks the polish properly on your nails and give them a final perfect shine. You may apply more if needed. And this is done.



This design is made by young girls who love nail art. It can be worn in a casual party or simply any day. It looks great and lovely as well as gives more than a single design in one art. Those girls who love nail art designs can apply it with pink dress or the dress in contrast of pink and black, pink and white, black and white, black and pink etc.

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