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How To Apply Ombre Nail Art


Ombre nail art is the art of manicure in which you paint your nails with two color effects. Mostly in these two colors, one is lighter and the other one is darker. The lighter color on the bottom of the nail is blended with the darker color on the tip of the nail in such a way that it shows a gradient effect. For this nail art the necessary items to be used include nail paints, base coat (usually white), top coat, sponge, nail remover, cotton bud.



The basic steps to perform such an art are as follows:

Soak your hands in soapy water: Before starting the manicure one should soak her hands into a little warm soapy water for a few minutes. It helps to remove the oil from your skin and soften the cuticles.

Trim your nails: After soaking your hands into soapy water, trim and shape up the nails with the cutter to give the desired shape to your nails for art. Use a nail filer to remove dust of the nails from your hands and to give a perfect shape to the nails.

Clean the cuticles: After trimming your nails, clean the cuticles with the help of a cuticle remover or you can remove it gently with the help of the tip of nail clipper. Use Nail Polish Remover: Using nail polish remover even if you don’t have any nail paint on your nails, cleans any remaining oil from your nails or other such contaminants and make it peroperly clean.

Apply Base Coat: Apply transparent base coat. Let it dry for a few minutes. Now paint your nails with the base color, sometimes you may use white nail paint to enhance your ombre nail colors. Wait for it to dry completely.

Blending Of Two Colors: Put a drop of both the paint colors on a paper in a manner that their edges should touch each other. Now blend both of them with the help of a toothpick or hairpin.

Apply Blended Colors Onto Your Nails: After blending these two colors, take them on a sponge and apply it gently on your nail one by one. Remove extra color from your sides of nails with the help of a cotton bud dipped in nail paint remover. You can do it more than once if needed.

Apply Top Coat: When the paint is dried, apply the top coat to seal it properly on your nails. Enjoy the ombre nail art.


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