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How To Apply Nail Polish

Nails are the prettiest part of your fingers. They add beauty to your hands and feet. They need to be clean and polished so that they can appeal to the viewers. Different nail polishes and shiners are used for this purpose. Many different nail lacquers are available in the market place. Moreover, artificial nails are also available for those women whose nails are weak and sensitive. Nail polishes and nail art can also be applied to them.

You don’t need to go to a parlor or saloon and spend money on manicure and pedicure as it is way too easy. Experts say that only a few tricks are required and you can do it at your home also.
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A number of people are not good at pitting on nail polish so it is very important to learn it quickly and neatly as nail polish is a part of daily routine. It is very important to focus on the things that go wrong while putting up nail polish.

First take the hard things about putting up nail polish i.e. putting nail color with your non writing hand which is farfetched for a number of people.

Now start your nail colour with a base coat, which will help your nail polish stay even more easily. A base coat also works as a guard for your nails. It secures your nail from any harmful effect of nail polish. It also prevents purling and staining and provides nails even and smoother texture.

Moving forward, apply two coats of nail colour now. Avoid putting one as it won’t look good. These two coats will give your nails propertied look.

Finish of the manicure with the top coat of shiner to give your nails a natural look. You can also apply nude colour nail lacquer or just a shiner may add enough beauty to the nails. Any on having any sensitivity should be very careful while following these steps. Almond is a source due to which the nails become yellowish and peeled off. So even for a short period of time, do not play with health of your nails and avoid nail colour if they do not suit you.

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