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How to Apply Glitter on Eyes! Step by Step Tutorial

How to Apply Glitter on Eyes! Step by Step Tutorial

Adding a small amount of glitter on eyes can make a big difference how your makeup turns out to be. Sometimes your eyes need to be spiced up for the pares, for only light or bright colored eye shadows are not enough, you need to apply something that can shine in night.

We all attend parties and go out during night for hangover and fun. The makeup for special nights should be special, for your eyes should stand out so that you can get applause’s from others. It’s too easy to apply some shade on the eyes and step out, but you must ask yourself do you look perfect, glamorous and beautiful? If no, you definitely need to add more to your eyes makeup. Surprisingly, small amount of eye glitter can add sparkles on your eyes, making you more beautiful and more attractive.

Types of glitter:

There are many different types of glitter available on the market these days, but you must refrain from using cheap glitter as it may contain glass particles or metallic ingredient that can be harmful to your eyes. Therefore, it is necessary that you read review on eye glitter and opt for only branded product to avoid eyes infection. When the particle of a glitter comes in contact with your eyes, it can wreck havoc- it can cause infection, irritation and much more

Choose only quality glitter that is offered by a famous brand. Three common types of glitters are;

Things needed:

Step by step tutorial on how to apply eyes glitter

How to Apply Glitter on Eyes! Step by Step Tutorial

  1. You need to apply eye shadow first. It can be of light color or dark color depending on the time. For night parties you will apply dark shades, even black, purple and blue would do fine. For morning events, you must not go for dark shades they would look awkward.
  2. Now open the glitter and take some of it on your eye shadow brush. If it is dry glitter you need to apply gel or Vaseline on eyes before applying it through the brush. If it is gel glitter you needn’t apply anything to make it stick on eyes.
  3. Spread the glitter through the brush and try not to apply more than one coat as it can wipe the eye shadow.
  4. The gel glitter can remove the shade and mix it with the glitter particles, so you must apply small amount of gel instead of filling your eyes with it.

Step by step Video tutorial on how to apply eyes glitter

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