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Makeup – How To Apply Eyeshadow

Eyes are the most important feature of your face and body. It is believed that there is no world for them who cannot see. Therefore, the ones having this blessing should take care of them.

They are also kept prominent in the eye makeup as they look the most beautiful and enhances your beauty. A lot of time and money is spend on the decoration and makeup of the eyes. Different makeup products are used for this purpose too such as different eye shades, liners, mascaras and many others. All these products add definition to your eyes thus making you look more elegant and beautiful. Beautiful looking eyes add stars to your natural beauty.

The article discusses some of the various steps that will help you apply eye shadow on your eyes yourself. The steps are well elaborated for our readers to follow the instructions carefully and make their eyes look the best on any event or occasion.

The concealer:

To start your eye makeup, the first thing to do is to cover your entire eyes with a concealer complementing your skin tone. Don’t use a very dark one as it will not suit your complexion and also don’t go for the brightest one as it will appear quite unnatural. The eyes should be covered in such a way that the shouldn’t be any wrinkles or dark circles left around as if they will spoil the makeup if visible. Use almost three dots of concealer under each of your eye. This is the best quantity to cover your wrinkles and dark circles. Do not rub the concealer to disappear. Use your ring finger to pat as it has the softest pad among all the fingers.

The Eye-Shadow primer:

To keep your eye makeup perfect for hours, the best trick is to use eye-shadow primer. Its base will keep the shadow in its place properly for several hours. It is believed that if will last even if you sleep for an entire night. It will remain perfect on its position due to the eye-shadow primer.


It is believed that a three toned shadow is the best to use as the eye-makeup. Build them starting from the lid and ending up at the brow. Blend them as the rainbow colours are blend into each other. This will look gorgeous. Use a light colour to start the makeup which would suit your eye lid. Brush the colour and sweep it across your lid and the brow bone. Blend the dark colours with the light ones. Apply the eye liner and eye mascara to add definition.

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