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How To Apply Eyes Makeup

Eye makeup enhances your natural look for if you are a working woman, you definitely need some basic eye makeup tips to carry your every day eye makeup. Or it may also help you look stunning at a wedding or special party. Proper eye makeup techniques can help you look best among folks.

Follow some easy and basic steps for the best eye makeup.

Start your eye makeup by washing up your face with a refreshing cleanser. Give a brief massage and clean it carefully. It will help you get a greasy look for your make up. Fresh and gentle skin helps you do your make up more easily.

Initially apply a mate shade a controlling. That will help you cover your eye veins. Even out your skin tone around your eyes by gently applying concealer your eyes and cover dark circles. Don’t miss a single point because it will look uneven and awkward. Use your fingers or sponge to blend your concealer. Set your concealer by brushing a fresh tone face powder. Apply face powder on your eye lids also.

Apply the colour you want for your eyes now. If you want a dark pink steel colour, apply some basic pink colour on your eyes first. Now blend the base pink steel colour from the base of your eye to the crease ( where the eyebrow starts). For this you can use a pencil brush. After applying dark pink steel colour apply some contrast colour on the crease of your eye.

If you want to give a light shade of another colour, apply the colour you want and blend it with a thick brush so that the inner shade gets visible.

Apply the eye liner now. Maybelline liner stick is best for the use of liner. It stays for a long time on your eyes without mixing up with your kajal or eye shadow. Maybelline liner stick adds perfection in your eye makeup.


Curl your lashes with the help of a curler. Hold the clamp for about five seconds gripping the upper lashes. Always curl before putting on your eye mascara.

End up you eye makeup by putting on mascara. There are a lot of brands and formulae that can help you give definition and length to your lashes. Choose your type of mascara.

The perfect eye makeup tutorial for every kind of eyes is ready for you to just see and apply on your eyes.

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