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How to apply easy nail art for beginners

Those who are nail art lovers but have never tried it yet, get ready to start doing it. We tell you the simplest and easiest way to start doing nail art on your nails without any tools and without any formalities. The first and the most important step to start any nail art is to apply the base coat.

Apply Base Coat: First of all apply the base coat on your nails and let it dry for some time to maintain the shine of your nails.

Apply The Nail paint: Now for the beginners, the easiest way to apply a nail art is to make a combination of different colors together on your nails in different ways. You can paint them in vertical lines, you can apply them in horizontal lines, in zigzag shapes or any other designs like dots or something else. One way to make your nail art is to take 3 different colours for your nails and apply one as the base and let it dry




when it is dried apply another colour leaving half of the nail with the older colour. Let it dry for sometime.


Then in the similar way as you applied the second nail paint, apply a third colour of your choice leaving the second one on the top a bit. Let it dry again. Do the same with all your nails and let them dry. Apply the top coat to make them stick properly and dry that also. There you go, the art is done. This is the most simplest type of nail art for beginners.


Some other designs of nail art similar to this one for beginners are shown in the pictures below.




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