By March 8, 2014

How To Apply Dotted Nail Art

Apply Base Coat: The first step of applyin any nail art is to apply the base coat on your nails and let it dry for some time to maintain the shine of your nails.


Apply The Nail paint: After drying the base coat, apply the nail paint of your desired colour.



Dotting Tools: Now after applying the colour on your nails let it dry for a few seconds and then choose as much colours as you want. Take another colour of contrast and make a random mark in between the nail. With the help of a cotton bud take the first colour and drop the first colour on the second one in such a way that it will look like a cloud. Now take the dotting tools of different sizes and start putting the paints on a paper with the help of brush. With the bigger dotting tool take one different color and put a dot on your nail anywhere you want.







Repeat Dotting The Nails: With any colour of your choice make such dotts on your nail at a certain distance and then after drying it take the smaller dotting tool and drop a dot on bigger dot. It will look nicer if you make the upper dot in a contrast of the first one. Keep repeating it until you want and let them dry.




Top Coat: Apply the top coat as the paint is dried to stick it properly. This is done.


As a base color you can use any color you wish. The choice of paints is all yours. This is one of the funky and latest design of nail art which can be used for any occasion like parties, formal get up or anything.

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