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Hoop Earrings (Baaliyan)

In Asian fashion trends, earrings play an important role in jewelry. These are the commonest part of jewelry which are worn by every woman in their daily lives. These are made in different styles and a variety of designs. This is the oldest fashion jewelry but in latest trend it is playing a vital part in fashion industry. Almost all female celebrities love to wear hoop earrings in their movies, shows or daily life. You can see these earrings almost in every movie or live show.


This is the most elegant and stylish type of earrings which look beautiful with all kinds of dress codes. Depending on the dress style it can be designed in various shapes and styles. Some are small some are large to very large rings. Some are made with stones or beads or pearls some are metallic, some are made with plastic. Hence they are made with different materials. Plastic made hoop earrings are the most commonest and dearest of a girl. These are available in almost all colors and shapes. They are simple yet beautiful. Metallic earrings are usually designed to be worn in a party. These re usually made with stones or pearls in it which incite their shine and beauty.


Most of the celebrities have been seen wearing these Baaliyan in their routined life as well. Some of these are designed with more than a single ring in it i.e., designed as multi ring baaliyan.


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