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High Heels For Women

High heels have been loved by South Asian women in all part of their lives. It is not the latest trend but it is the oldest fashion trend which is being modified in latest fashion vogue. Now a days these heels are being used as the basic necessity of life. From young to old generation women are loving to wear such high heels not only in wedding and parties but also in their daily routined life.
High heels contain a variety of types being used these days. These types include Prism Heels, Cone Heels, Spool Heels, Wedge Heels, Platform Heels, Block Heels, Stiletto Heels.
Prism Heels: Prism heels are one of the most worn heels in Asia. They are designed in Pumps, Boots, Sandals etc. Prism Heeled Pumps are mostly being used in parties these days.

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Cone Heels: These Heels are made like ice cream cones and so called Cone heels. They are also one of the most adapted Heels specially in partywears or even in daily life . They look attractive with gowns and long frocks.



Spool Heels: This is a unique kind of Heel which is less adapted in Asia but maybe used as in office use.



Wedge Heels: This is the most comfortable and most used kind of Heels which are used in all kinds of shoes whether they are daily wear, party wear, formal wear, picnic wear etc. They are designed in a way that can be worn with each kind of dress in all seasons.



Platform Heels: This is the most common kind of heels worn by models and actresses in their movies, shows and even in ramp.



They are mostly designed in Pumps and Sandals. They look gorgeous with Partywears.



Stiletto Heels: Stilettos are the most difficult but most beautiful kind of Heels. These are usually worn by models as they look difficult to wear because of their small diameter. But like some other heels they look beautiful if worn with a party dress.


Long Gowns/Maxi Dresses

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