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One of the most prettiest and attractive thing in the world is “GEMSTONES”. They look nicer in all kinds and colors from diamonds to sapphire, emerald to ruby, sapphire to zircon etc. This is the thing which is used to decorate a variety of fashion items. Some most of the common examples of Gemstones used in fashion industry are Diamonds, Garnet, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Zircon etc.


1.    Diamonds: Diamonds are the most beautiful and sophisticated stone used in a variety of products to enhance their beauty and attraction. They are used in watches to make them beautiful beside their usefulness. Diamond jewelry is now a days every woman’s favorite. The latest trend is to use the diamond ring in engagement ceremonies or weddings for brides.

fva-630-diamonds-rich-wealth-shutterstock-630w2.    Gemstones in Clothes: In South Asian fashion trends gemstones have become integral part in clothings. From formal and party wears to heavy bridal wears all are decorated with sensual stonework to incite their beauty.

5753a412-505f-11e3-adc7-1231430135733.    Gemstones in shoes: As stonework is done in clothing, similarly to match the design and theme of the dress, shoes are also being decorated with beautiful and light to heavy stonework. Sometimes white and sometimes colorful stones are used especially in pumps.


4.    Gemstones in jewelry: Gemstones play a vital part in jewelry. Colorful and shiny earrings, nice and trendy rings, beautiful bracelets and outstanding necklaces made by gems are loved by every woman. Blue ocean heart necklace being worn by Kate Winslet in Titanic has got much popularity in Asia.


5.    Gemstone in watches: Watches are the necessity of every person. They become more important if they are decorated with stones. It increases their beauty and usefulness thousand folds.

diamond-watches6.    Gemstones in handbags: Asian women are very fond of using the same design scheme in all their party things like clothes, shoes, jewelry and handbags. Now a days gemstones are gaining remarkable place in party handbags also.


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