By December 13, 2013

Funky Jewelry The Stylish Trend


Funky jewelry has become a popular trend in South Asian youth as it has a variety in it. It looks awesome for almost all kinds of dresses especially jeans kurta and shirts with trousers.

They are the most versatile and colorful style icon. Its becoming more popular in youth as it seems to be made for them.

Funky bracelets has made the young girls and even boys crazy. This thing seems to be more girly as it has such colorful and outstanding designs in it. There are multi ring bracelets having pearls, beads, gems, metallic designs in it or simple and elegant single ring bracelets having the same material used.


These are sometimes made of crystalline transparents materials, sometimes translucent or sometimes opaque/solid. They are found in many different designs.

It is gaining popularity as most of the Asian celebrities especially young actrors are using it in their movies and shows. The bracelet worn by Salman Khan has become a popular fashion icon in the South Asian youth.


Funky necklaces are other finest part of this kind of jewelry. They look adorable especially when they are multicolored. Asian youth is also very fond of wearing rings in their fingers specially if they are made in funky styles.


The most latest trend in this jewelry is the jewelry made of designs with skulls, dices and such kind of other remarkable designs which look weird but nice in jewelry.

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