By May 20, 2014

Eye Makeup Tips For Green Eye

Green colour eyes are the most beautiful eyes in the world but to find out exactly what should be done to decorate them is not easy. There are a lot on different and conflicting makeup designs and tips but the women are usually not convinced with it. Warm colours go best with green eyes, usually bronze and gold. Bronze eye shadow is ideal for green eyes. This bronze colour really help green eyes to pop out.

Copper is another shade that works really well for green eyes. Because it makes them look beautiful. Just apply a dark colour shimmer to deepen your green eyes.

You can also play with purple. Purple colour looks really attractive. Purple and green colours are only colours that go well with each other. You can apply purple eye shadow with green eye liner on proms. This will work best for you.

The colour that not really suits green eyes is silver. A part from jewelry accessories or clothes. Silver and grey eye shadow not really work for green eyes. The silver eye shadow hide the colour of green eyes. The conflict to some extent. So go round for warm shades.

Using coloured mascaras and liners rather than black is also helpful. But it does not really mean to avoid black shade always. Coloured shades in mascara and liner such as blue, purple and dark green provide definition to green eyes. Plum and violet eye liner also help your eyes to stand out.

A lot of makeup articles for green eyes say that dark green eye shadow is not suitable for green eyes. But it is not true. It you have light green eyes, dark green eye shadow will provide clarity to your eyes. Keep a very important point in your mind while doing your make up, either take a dark colour than your eye colour or a light one.

Another make up tip for green eyes is to put peach of cream blush on. These light shades will help your eyes to pop out. However, the dark shades of lipsticks will be quite helpful for green eyes. They will give them an elegant look.

All these tips can be very helpful for the people with green eyes. They can utilize these tips to apply makeup and can look extremely beautiful. Moreover, this will maintain your natural look thus making you a model simplifying beauty.

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