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Eye MakeUp Tips For Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are one of the most famous eye colour in the entire world. And it is also one of the most versatile in terms if makeup. A number of people are unaware of the type of make up for their eyes. Eyes are the basic feature of one’s face, brown eyes have a unique quality that they can look good in any type of eye makeup. There are a lot of techniques through which you can make your eyes stand out.

One of the most important element before choosing your eye makeup colour is to keep the colour of your dress in mind and the colour of your eyes in them. This all will do almost half of your work. It is also very important to consider the other make ups, such as eye liner, mascara, blush on and lipsticks.

Here are some of the colours which make brown eyes look stunning and baffling. Brown is such a versatile colour that it looks perfect with many other colours. Purple shade is one of the most demanding among brown eyes, it looks best. The positive point of purple is, like brown, it goes well with every skin tone and every hair type. Metallic colours also look good with brown eyes such as steel silver, gold, bronze and brown. All the metallic colours help brown eyes to grab the attention of others. However, metallic shades are mostly used for bold and daring look. Other than that, these metallic shades are used basically in prom parties. Blue and pink are also kind of helpful for brown eyes. Blue colour is sometimes really hard to manage so try using it with white shade. This will create a very pleasing effect. Pink colour looks good too, usually on hassle eyes. I9t give a bright and glowing effect. For all those women who want a simple look, neutral colours look best on brown eyes. The nude lipstick shades complete this neutral effect.

There are many different shades of brown eyes, from deep dark brown to light brown and hassle honey colour. Some colours are really helpful to bring out the actual colour of your eyes. For example, for dark brown eyes, shades like golden, purple and charcoal grey are excellent. And for light brown eyes, colours which are neutral and nude suits perfectly. They give your face an extreme adorable look. Moreover, green colour is not suitable for brown eyes.

You can follow these tips for your eyes and enhance the beauty of them.

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