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Embroidered Handbags and Purses for Ladies

Handbags are the part of women’s outfit and accessories. A small definition of them can be that they are bags and pouches with adequate spaces in which women can carry their regular and  in all time use luggage i.e. make up, money, visiting cards, keys, some time jeweleries and many more. All these are necessary items for a female.

Purses or handbags are not the necessity for girls only. They are required by all ages of females and also men and boys. The small purses carried by men are known as wallets. They are made up of velvet and leather fabric mostly.


Handbags are carried by women usually when they go out. However it’s not necessary that they carry purses only when they go out as it is one of the basic requirements of all ladies, whether she is a working woman or a house wife. Long ago in the olden days, purse was carried because of its usage but it has become fashion in the 21st century. Uses of latest and trendy handbags are a mark of fashion today. They play a foremost role in the fashion world. The usage of handbags has lead to a conclusion of imperfect ladies without purses. Therefore, they are considered an essential accessory for women.

This trend of elegant handbags has evoked a great amount of passion in Pakistani ladies. They admire the girls walking with stylish purses on the ramp of a fashion show.  Therefore, many brands have launched their new collection of handbags in a bulk.  These collections include some shimmery stuff, embroidered handbags leather handbags and some sequin collections. Not only brands, even the local market places are also full of the handbag stuff. However, the embroidered collection of handbags is more in fashion these days.

As we know that, we live in a cultural country. People from diverse cultural backgrounds reside in here. The Islamic republic of Pakistan is rich in its customs and traditions. Embroidery is one of the trade marks of Pakistani culture. This embroidered collection is the part of Pakistan’s export. These collections are a mark of glory for us. Different embroideries from different areas are the part of Asian fashion world. This embroidered collection of Purses serves as an identity to the particular area from where the embroidery belongs. For instance, the Sindhi or the Balochi embroidery is in great demand among the Pakistani ladies. This collection of handbags is in great demand, thus expensive. These embroidered purses are a part of bridal collection too. They are also preferred by the brides on the auspicious occasion of their wedding. Moreover, these trendy and charming purses are admired by every girl as they give them stylish and modern look.

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