By December 16, 2013

Colours..The Beauty Of Life


This world and everything in it made by Allah almighty may look beautiful in Grey but as He filled it with colors it became more beautiful and full of life. Sky, Plants, Sea, Ocean, Flowers everything attracts one with their beautiful and different colors. Similarly like nature looks fresh with different colors, fashion industry also fills colors in their products whether they are Jewelry, Clothes, Shoes, Bags or Make up.

Here we are going to update you with current ingoing color schemes in all variety of trendy items.

Colors in Outfits: Black has always been a fashion trend in clothing for casual wears and party wears. This is the color which is always inn inside the fashion industries. In latest trend 2013 green seems to be the color for Valima Dresses whether they are Maxi or Lehnga thy are of different colors of Green such as Sea Green, Bottle Green etc. In Baraat Red with a contrast of Blue, Green, Purple and Golden has been the color of choice. If we talk about Engagements mostly light colors are preferred like sky blue, pink, light green etc.

If we talk about youth who prefer Jeans, Black and Blue shades with ripped lines, mid wash style or plain have been seen.


Colors in Hand Bags: Black and brown hand bags have always been in fashion and they look simple and decent for women.
If we talk about young girls, they prefer colorful and trendy hand bags.
These colors may vary according to their dresses. They usually love to have matching hand bags.


Colors in footwear: Matching foot wear is what every girl wants but some colors like black, beige or brown may suit every color scheme. They look decent in office wears or such other kinds of official meetings.Party wears are now a days filled with a lots of different colors and designs.


 Colorful Wedding Kits: Now a days Asian weddings seem to be more colorful as almost all shades are inn for Asian bridal Dresses. For a perfect Bridal kit everything from dress till shoes is of similar color or contrast.


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