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The Diference Between Girls And Women

Jewellery is said to be a necessary ornament of a woman.  A woman is recognized by her style of jewellery in the Asian culture. Woman are always seen wearing jeweleries throughout the region. Bangles , anklets, bracelets, necklace, earings are usually carried by all the women. Usage of jewellery is more popular among married women. Young girls carry beautiful bands, hair catchers as the jewellery accessories.

There are subtle differences among the way, jewellery is carried out by the women and the girls. Moreover, there are differences in the ways jewellery is carried out by the women living in the East and the women living in the West. This article focuses on the way jewellery is worn by the girls and women. Some distinctive ways are highlighted throughout.

Considering women, the way jewellery is carried out by them differs ocassionally. Married women are more into use of heavy jewellery on occasions such as wedding ceremonies and parties. Heavy jewellery is carried by them. In our culture, it is symbolic of them being married. Old ladies in the eastern families ask their daughters and daughter-in-laws to wear heavy jewellery as it symbolizes the life of their husbands. They concept sounds funny, however it has prevailed in our culture and many of the old women still believe in this stuff. Women are seen wearing necklaces of their husbands’ names or bracelets carved with husbands’ names. The use of gold ornaments is more popular among married women in the sub continent. Indian women also carry heavy jewellery, specially the recently married ones. Their hands are always filled with bangles and they wear anklets too. This usage of jewellery has prevailed since ancient times. Earings are also popular among women as empty ears don’t suit with the title married. Small gold earings are worn by women. They have different designs which are extremely unique and elegant. New designs are introduced by jewellers every day.  Alot of money is spent on these jewellery ornaments by the Eastern women every year. They like to get updated with the latest designs and new fashion in the market place.

Coming to the girls artificial jewellery is more popular among young and teenage girls. Bands, hair clips and catchers,beautiful bangles made up of threads and plastics are more common among girls. These jewellery items even go best along with their dress style and hair style. This gives them a girly look. Moreover, anklets are more popular while wearing jeans. Chain anklets with beads are in fashion these day.

This web page updates you with the latest fashion trend prevailing in the society. The excessive use of jewellery is not in these days however it will always remain the symbol of women’s ornament as a necessity.

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