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Some Safety Tips To Keep In Mind

Girls and women of any region love to wear make up. Brides are covered with heavy make up on their wedding ceremonies. A new look is given to them through make which makes them look charming and very attractive. But if the make up is not good, the prettiest bride can turn out to be the ugliest. Here are some of the tips provide which you must keep in mind while wearing the make up on your big day.

You must decide whether you want to do your make up your self or you want to hire a professional for this purpose. This will help you decide what shades of lips sticks and eye shadows you would like to wear. Secondly you should keep in mind the products you want to use. Fix the brand of your products at least before a month of your big day. Take a small test on your face of the products to be used such as moisturizers, cleasing lotions, foundations, bleaching creams and all the others. The products, if used for the first time can react badly to you skin and obviously the wedding day is not the best one for such reactions or breakouts. The products taken a month before will give your skin enough time to react with them and this will surely bring a better and powerful result.

On a safer note, try the makeup yourself before the wedding day. This will give you a cursory imagination of what you’ll be looking like on the day. A rough idea may help you manage the things in a better way. If you are planning to hire an individual, you must spend some time with him/ her just to se if your imagination matches with them. This will help you and give a better understanding of what you actually require. Express your visions to your make up artist so that a recommendation from your side is given to them.

You must leave the facial freatments atleat a week before your wedding day. Some of them have really harsh reactions which may naot suit you at that particular time. Don’t try to change your complextion. It suits you the best. Make use of a primer to make sure that your make up lasts all day long. The primer will help you seal the pores and any noticable imperfections on your face. You must remember that you have to spend an entire day carrying that make up therefore the use of a primer is necessary.

For a better look, use the shades of lipsticks and eye shades which better go with your dress colour and complextion. This will maintain a natural look. Brides who want a glamorous look should focus on the eyes and lips. Smooky makeup looks stunning as per today’s taste.

Keep practicing your make before the big day and keep the make up kit along to get easy touch ups.

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