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The Ultimate Choice On The Wedding Day

The wedding day is a very special day for every woman in her life. It is one of the most memorable day for her. Therefore, risk shouldn’t be taken regarding the jewellery, dress, makeup and hairstyle.

The jewellery is the basic ornament for the bride. Bridal jewellery adds elegance and grace to the bride. In olden days women used to wear heavy jeweleries which is in fashion uptil now. There are various types of bridal jewellery such as indian jewellery, kundan jewellery, gold jewellery, designers jewellery, mughal jewellery etc.

Nowadays a number of brides are wearing indian bridal jewellery. This jewellery has a traditional look and goes well enough with the bridal dress. Mostly people like to have these jewellery sets in gold. But some people  prefer artificial yet gold plated ones. However, in both the cases customers deands for latest designs of jewellery. Bridal jewellery completes the look of a bride on her wedding.

We all living in modern world where brides loves to wear heavy jewellery. They do not want to miss a single piece of it. The jewellery includes rings, earings, necklace, bangles, matha patti, teeka, jhoomar, anklets, armlets, nose pin and much more. Most of the jewellery pieces are designed traditionally but the trends keep refashioning. Apart from gold jewellery a huge amount of people are preffering silver jewellery. Silver jewellery has a unique decency in it. Designers are using silver jewellery rapidly in their collection.

Antique jewellery is no more in fashion now. Its production is no longer popular now. Antique jewellery has a very dry, dull and rough look including former world charm. A number of brides avoid their jewellery as it is very old and cold in manner. Navratna jewellery is the most famous jewellery type in among the brides nowadays. In navratna jewellery, nine propitious stones are used in an single ornament. It is a believe that the nine stones will bring fortune to the person who wears it. Apart from that navratna jewellery is very pleasing. It adds grace to the bride who wears it. It has a great importance and innate charm

For  the brides who want a simple unique and light look, go for diamond sets. The most famous and popular diamond stone is blue stone. It is an expensive one because of which a number of people cannot afford it.  However, it is the most prettiest of all. Every women of every region adores the diamond collection. It is the ultimate dream of every women to have a diamond collection in her jewellery box.

Jewellery has been popular among women since decades and this will last till a single women is left on earth.

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