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Bangs/Fringes… The Variety in one style

In hairstyles, Bangs also known as fringe is the latest and most fashionable hair cut for women. It is the trimming of front part of hair to lie them on the forehead. These days this is the most adapted hair style in fashion industries as it has a diversity in it. There are various kinds of bangs/fringe which are in fashion these days. Most of the Asian celebreities are seen with such hairstyle.

This hair cut is done with a lot of styles. The most common among them are front bangs and side bangs. Front bangs are those in which the trimmed hair lie on the front of forehead as can be seen on stunning Pakistani model come actress Aiza Khan.


Side bangs, as the name indicates are those in which the trimmed hair lie on the side of the forehead. It can be on any side. This is the commonest style of bangs in fashion world these days as have been seen in many actresses and models from India and Pakistan. One example of this style is Gorgeous and versatile Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra.


Pakistani models other than Aiza Khan are also keeping this haircut in the style of side bangs. Below is the photo of glamarous Pakistani model Sadia Khan with such a hair cut.

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Other styles of fringe include Blunt, Sideswept, Pin-up, V-shaped, Parted, baby, power bangs, Wispy etc. This haircut doesn’t need more setting it can be done with simple straight hair or curly hair. Kept as it is in all kinds of functions. Most of the Asian celebreities even new comers have kept this hairstyle. Elli Avram, the bollywood new comer actress even have been seen in this hair style.

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