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Artistic Asian Bridal Makeup

Asian weddings are colorful and bright as compared to other weddings in a way that Asian brides are more decorated and they prefer to wear artistic makeup, heavy jewelry and heavy dresses in the weddings.
If we talk about Asian bridal makeup, we can divide it into atleast 4 or 5 types according to the different functions like Mehndi makeup, Mayyon makeup, Engagement makeup, Baraat makeup and Valima makeup.

Mehndi Makeup: In South Asian countries, people believed to keep the bride simple and covered but as the latest trend is taking place of older ones, these days brides for Mehndi are not as simple as they used to be before. Changing this old trend doesn’t mean to apply full and heavy make up on the bride but light and simple makeup is done on this ocassion just to enhance the features.

Traditional Mehndi Dresses 2011


Mayyon Makeup: In this function usually brides are simple only wearing flowers in their hands or as their jewelry but sometimes light makeup is applied as done in Mehndi functions to enhance the features of the bride.



Engagement Makeup: Usually in engagement dresses, light colors are preferred but makeup varies from place to place and person to person. In some gatherings very light and soft make up is applied but in some gatherings dark eyeshadows (sometimes even smokey eye makeup) with dark lipsticks are also applied. Blush on may also differ according to the face cuts but in latest engagement make up trends light blush ons are preferred. Light make up with a bit light jewelry is the scheme for engagements.

Pakistani brides makeup pictures. (2)


Baraat Makeup: The main and the biggest ocassion in Asian weddings is the Baraat. This is the day when every bride has to look glamorous and gorgeous. In this day there is no compromise on make up. According to the dress and its color scheme the make up shades are chosen. These shades may again differ from lightest to darkest depending on the dress. In the latest bridal make up trend Smokey eyeshadows with light blush on and light lip colors are in fashion. Lipstick may vary with the color of dress.



Valima Makeup: Similarly as Baraat Makeup, Valima makeup also depends on the color scheme of dress and it also applies dark smokey eye shadows with light to normal colors of blush on and lipsticks.

Eyeliners are a basic part of bridal make up. These days eye liners are applied with various designs from smaller i.e., only covering the eyes to longer i.e. outside the eyes. It depends on the shape of eyes and the type of eye shadow applied.

Lenses have also become an important part in all kinds of bridal makeup trends in all functions.



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