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Ammar Shahid Bridal Dress Collection 2014

Bridal collection of dresses has always been a part of our life, culture and society. The wedding is the most common phenomenon in every culture of the world. People marry, generation grows and the life go on and on. This practice of life has always been a part of life since day 1 of the world. However, the trend and the style may vary according to different cultures. The styles to celebrate weddings and carry other accessories is also distinctive among different cultures. Every culture believes that the practices in it are the best and should be famous around the world. We, the Pakistani people believe in the same too. Therefore, our culture and traditions are famous around the globe. People living outside the Asian region too, wants to celebrate their weddings as the Pakistani people do. The brides love to wear Pakistani dresses on their big day. They order Pakistani designers’ dresses for this purpose.

The Bridal collection of dresses by the Pakistani designers is well known for they are best in the entire Asian region. People outside Pakistan also wish to wear dresses designed by the Pakistani designers as they are unique and trendy. Ammar Shahid collection of bridal dresses 2014 is the most famous and has gained top class popularity this year. The dresses by him are not only restriced to the Pakistani culture containing only ghagraas and shalwar kameez. They contain sareez, pishwass and ghargra choli too. They are the most stylish with the most tempting looks. Moreover, they add glamor to the bride’s looks and the occasions become stunning for them.

Lehngas are the most prominent feature of this collection. They are well designed with the work of mirrors and sequins. The additional work of dabka and salma sitara adds beauty to the dresses. They look extremely stylish and colorful when worn. The best part is the colour scheme used in them. The excessive use of gold and silver make the dress look traditional and charming. The contrasts are used in the best way as they symbolize different themes. Moreover, the dresses for men are also designed by him according to the bridal dress and theme. The sherwanis usually contain similar work of sequins and salma sitara as they are on the bridal dresses. The colour schemes are also designed keeping  all this in mind.  The dresses for both of them are designed on orders so that they may complement each other.

Also they are very expensive, the designers are always expensive in every region. Ammar Shahid is a big name however. Therefore the dresses are extremely expensive but they are worth seeing after being carried out by the couple. Every season a new collection is launched by him thus providing varieties for the clients.

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